lobster - fresh lobsters to buy online and delivered to you live

fresh lobsters to buy online and delivered to you live
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How long can a lobster live out of water?
Several days if kept in a cool, moist environment. The lobster is a gill-breather (they breathe seawater and store a certain amount in their gills to survive out of the water), and moisture is essential to survival.

Have lobsters been successfully transplanted to the West Coast?
Attempts have been made to do so, but success has been limited. In 1973, the Canadian government discontinued a six year experiment in which the lobsters were reared successfully in the waters off Bristish Columbia. The decision to drop the project was evidently dictated by economics.

How many kinds of lobsters are there in the country?
Two kinds of lobster-like crustaceans exist in United States waters. The "true" lobster (the Maine lobster) is designated as such to differentiate it from the other form found here, the spiny lobster. The two, from different families, display two differences. The Maine lobster has claws on the first four pairs of legs and the spiny lobster has no claws. The spiny lobster has a pair of horns above the eyes. Record weight for the Maine lobster is 45 pounds. Incidentally, Lobster Gram lobsters are Maine lobsters, the tastier of the two. However, there are about 163 species of lobsters that live throughout the world

How does a lobster smell its food?
A lobster smells its food by use of small hairs that cover the lobster and the four small antennae.

Where are the lobster's teeth?
A lobsters teeth are in its stomach.

Does pollution kill lobsters?
Yes, pollution kills lobsters

How are lobsters caught?
Most lobsters are caught in lobster traps. However some lobsters are caught by fishermen when they are dragging their nets for other catch.

Are lobsters born live?
No, lobster lay eggs that are held together with strands of glue until they hatch.

My Lobster Gram Lobster didn't arrive alive. What should I do?
It can be difficult to tell sometimes if a lobster is actually DOA (Dead On Arrival), or just sluggish after the long trip from Boston. One good test is to touch the lobsterís eye and watch for movement (gross, but true). If there are no signs of life, donít give up yet! You may have heard otherwise, but we know that a lobster does not have to be alive at the moment you are cooking it in order to still be good. It is more a matter of the temperature at which the lobster has been kept, and the length of time that has passed, that determines whether it is still good. So how are you to know what to do?

COOK IT! Remove the rubber bands from the claws of the dead (or suspected dead) lobster to keep track of it, if any others are alive. It is completely safe to cook all the lobsters together. Fully cook the lobster according to the instructions provided in your cooking manual or on this website. When done, check the consistency of the tail meat. If the meat appears firm and fleshy then it is fine to go ahead and enjoy! If the meat has more of a cottage cheese texture - very watery, loose and mushy, then it obviously should be discarded.

Can a lobster be kept alive in fresh water with ice?
NO! Fresh water in any form (even ice) is lethal to a Lobster Gram lobster. A lobster has salty blood and tissue, which requires a seawater environment to maintain life. Why doesn't a live Maine lobster look bright red, like I've seen in pictures? Lobsters only turn bright red after being cooked! Maine lobsters are naturally dark brown, green, or even blue. Neat, huh?

A Guide To Lobster 'Stuff' By Color
Black Stuff - An uncooked or undercooked female lobster may be harboring eggs, also known as roe or lobster caviar. These eggs prior to cooking appear thick, shiny and black, and may be found throughout the tail. If you have cooked your lobster and still see the black stuff, cook them longer and the black stuff will turn into... Red Stuff - Once the above mentioned female lobster is fully cooked, those eggs turn bright red in color. Their texture becomes firmer and they look more like the lobster caviar you may have seen used at your local sushi bar. It's quite delicious, try it if you're feeling adventurous. Green Stuff - Our final colorful treat (yes, many enjoy this as a delicacy), is the tomalley or liver of the lobsters. All lobsters have tomalley and you'll discover it when you separate the tail from the body. If you don't consider it a delicacy, feel free to rinse it off before digging in! White Stuff - Once a Lobster Gram lobster is cooked, you will always see thick whitish foamy stuff around the meat and in the cooking water. This is the fat (or protein), and can just be rinsed off. It's yet another sign that your lobsters are incredibly fresh!

What is "tomalley"?
Tomalley is the Lobster Gram lobsterís liver. It turns green when cooked and is considered a delicacy.

How far do lobsters travel?
The record travel so far is 225 miles covered by a lobster tagged off the Continental Shelf and recovered at Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York.

What do lobsters eat?
Mussels, crabs, clams and seaworms, as well as dead fish.

What color is a lobster's blood?
Colorless, When exposed to oxygen, it develops a bluish color.

How does a lobster grow?
It sheds its hard shell and grows a new, larger one. Since the skeleton is on the outside, this molting is essential to growth.

How can you tell the age of a lobster?
No one knows exactly, but aquarium studies suggest it takes 5 to 7 years for a lobster to gain one pound.

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